TERAKOYA Program is a place for junior and high school students who want to know and learn about entrepreneurship, business and startups.

DECA JAPANは一人でも多くの中学生、高校生が、人生で1度でも起業・ビジネスについて知り、学べる機会を提供したいと思いから、2021年より開講しました。多忙な学生の皆さんが受講しやすいように、各自で動画を視聴して、Yotubeコメント欄に、学んだふりかえりができるスタイルのプログラムです。気軽に受講いただけます。ぜひ奮ってご参加ください。


DECA JAPAN started the Program in 2021 with the desire to provide opportunities for as many students as possible to learn about startup and business at least once in their lives. In order to make it easier for busy students to take the program, you can easily take the course by watching Youtube videos. 

Write your opinion in the comment field. And DECA JAPAN will give feedback on the comments.

Please feel free to join us.


  1. 以下の参加申込フォームからメンバー登録をしてください。
  2. 登録完了の連絡を事務局より登録完了のメールをさせていただきます。(decajapan @gmail.comまたは、deca@ jaandeca.orgから送ります)
  3. TERAKOYA塾の受講方法ついて事務局よりご案内させていただきます。 

How to become a member
1. Please register as a member using the application form below.
2.  DECA JAPAN will send you an email notifying you that your registration has been completed. (Sent from decajapan @gmail.com or deca @jaandeca.org)
3. DECA JAPAN will guide you on how to attend TERAKOYA Program.
*Please refer to the privacy policy for personal information obtained through the application form.
*When you want to withdraw this program, let us know in email.


Application form for becoming a TERAKOYA member
TERAKOYA塾に参加希望の方は、こちらの参加フォームに必須項目を記入してお申し込みください。このフォームはすべての学年共通のものです。 If you would like to participate in TERAKOYA program, please fill in the required items on this participation form and apply. This form is for all grade levels.